Sunday, October 23, 2011

Morning Exercise?!

I am not one for exercising in the early morning hours, but this week I decided to try doing my fitness in the morning, something I have never done before. Actually it worked out better than I expected, and the feeling of having it out of the way for the day has been very good. Now my real goal is to try and exercise a little bit earlier . This week I exercised between 9 and 10 a.m.

Yesterday I weighed in and was 300 grams heavier which is normal for me when I start exercising because of the muscle mass. My inches are the same and I had no bloating this week. I did 20 minutes running on my track and 40 minutes of No More Trouble Zones every day except for Thursday and Saturday.

I will admit that I had many sweet temptations this week as I had visitors and other events. I really need to pray to overcome this as sweets do not make me feel any better physically. I also am having trouble getting in all the water but I am almost there. I managed to get the 2 liters in twice this week. My biggest problem is forgetting as I get so busy.

I hope you all had a wonderful Lord's day today and will pray for you this week,

Sharla G.


KathyH said...

Well done you with the morning exercise! And I know exactly what you mean about sweet temptations when having visitors.

Keep up the good work.

Sarah W. said...

I feel like you wrote my exact thoughts! :) I too am not always a fan of exercising in the mornings but once it's's off my "to-do" list. I find I enjoy my evenings more when I know it's over with. As for the temptations of sweets....I am right there too! Hugs!