Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sarah W's Journal # 2

Just checking in! Hope everyone is doing well. I don't know about you, but this challenge is really helping me so much. I discovered that I really love the sleep points and the water points are helping me get my water in as well! Today I went through my trunk of clothes that don't fit and was able to pull out three skirts! Whoot! :) I have a pair of jeans that I really hope will fit by the end of this challenge.....we'll see. I still feel very far away from them.

It's very hot here now in Botswana.....this past week we pushed temps of 105 for a few days in a row. Praise the Lord for Air Conditioning as well as a big pool to keep us cool. That's also been helping me get my exercise and water intake in as you have to be careful to not dehydrate. Our rainy season will not start till about December but we will get spotty showers here and there.....that's so nice. I never realized how much I missed rain till I moved here. I always joke and say Botswana has 360 days of sunshine! :)

Dani Joy asked me to share a few things about Africa since I think Theresa and I are the only "African's" here. I've been here since 2004, but came short term with Teen Mania Ministries starting in 2000. Once my feet hit the soil, I never was the same. I've been privilaged to travel to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and Kenya. All of them have their own uniqueness but the people are so precious. Where we are located it's a major Safari Town as we are the last main village before you go into the Okavango Delta.....the only major water way in Botswana. Otherwise, everything else is desert! Botswana has some of the most amazing wildlife and I can drive literally a few hours and be right in a game's quite fun! Our village is pretty modern really. I have many grocery stores to choose from. Fresh produce is our biggest battle though as we don't always have access to the fresh stuff. Thankfully I have a husband who didn't give up on gardening efforts and so we're eating from our garden now. In addition there is a store in town that carries more produce on Friday's. It's expensive at times, but we splurge so we can eat better. Beef and Chicken are readily available which is nice. Cost of living is high here, but Praise the Lord for His provision. We've always made it just fine!

That's it for now....I'll talk more about Botswana as the weeks go by. If you have questions....feel free to ask! :) Have a great week ladies!
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