Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dani's 12th CCCIII Journal

Well, I guess the most I could get on the 7th inning stretch was a few extra points for exercise. I think my metabolism is stuck. I am doing some mixing up of my routines and getting even stricter on my eating.

Ladies, the only bonus points for these next coming weeks will be on the last week, but don't let that get you down,instead it should motivate us to work harder to get to whee e want to get.

I am crunching right along with you.

Dani Joy


Siberia said...

I'm pretty much stuck where I'm at too. You are doing great! If you feel down, just look back at your photos before you started your fitness journey, and you'll see how much progress you've really made!


Sarah W. said...

I think my weight is at a happy spot too....but I am not happy with that happy spot! :) Hang in there Dani Joy....you've been a good inspiration for me!

Vicki King said...

Me too! Not making much progress towards my goal but trying to keep motivated and keep up. :)

Dani Joy said...

Thanks ladies. Keeping at it.. Bought some metabolism boosting tea with guarana. See if this will help.