Friday, November 4, 2011

Lost, but now am found!

Hi Ladies,

I am just now catching up to what is going on in our fitness challenge. Life is just happening all around me and sometimes it's hard to keep up. No more excuses though for me. I have been pretty faithful at getting in my 7 hours of sleep, but totally missed the no sweets week. I'm glad it's never too late to begin again! I am glad for the double points for exercise this week! Praise the Lord for that. Pray for me that I can keep up with the rest of the challenge. I have a friend who needs prayer too. She struggles with her weight everyday and has tried all those quick weightloss diets. She is currently doing the 17 day diet and has lost a considerable amount, but puts it back on when she stops. I hate seeing her so sad.

PS does anyone know anything about the 99 exercise plan?


Dani Joy said...

I understand about being down about weight loss. I spent 8 years fighting it. We need to make healthy eating a consistant way of eating. It always amazes me at how little we really need to eat. We can´t think of it as a diet! Don´t say the D word! haha.

We will be praying for you both.

Keep at it don´t quit!

Dani Joy

Stephanie said...

Your post reminded me of a phrase that is encouraged among those who try to *quit* a bad habit ~ "Never quit quitting" That's how I feel about my bad eating habits. I do well for a while & then I *give in* and sabotage myself. Thank you for sharing.
I'm with Dani ~ it's amazing how little we really NEED to eat (particularly when compared to how much I WANT to eat!)

junglewife said...

You can keep it up! Don't worry about what you've missed. Don't give up on the rest of the challenge just because you missed the beginning. You can do it!

I feel bad for your friend. That is a hard place to be. Those quick fad diets don't keep the weight off. On one of the blogs I read (not a fitness blog), the girl was posting all about her new diet (I think she was doing the HCG thing) and had lost SO much weight in such a short period of time. Well, several months have passed now and she hasn't posted anything at all about her diet. I just wonder how it has stuck with her, and if she has gained the weight back and that is why she hasn't been posting about it... Sometimes I get discouraged with how slow the weight comes off but then I remind myself that I am building good habits and ate least the weight IS coming off :-)