Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So Long Post for Annie L

Hello Ladies,

After prayer and godly council, I am dropping out of this challenge. I do not have time to post with the responsibilities of my family and I have not done as well with my personal goals of health and weight loss while on this challenge. I am setting my points to zero to give some hope of winning to some of you ladies who benefit from this challenge.

0 total points

Blessing to all of you!
Annie L


sharla gutierrez said...

Annie, So sorry to see you leave, but I totally understand. Family is first! I had to leave the last challenge for many different reasons too. God bless!
Sharla G.

Annie said...

Thank you Sharla!

Dani Joy said...

oh I am so sorry to hear this. My desire was that this would be a help and encouragement. But yes, if it is taking up too much time, I understand you needing to stop the posting.
Praying you meet your goals.