Sunday, November 17, 2013

Your Best or Bust!

If you are comparing yourself with anyone else but yourself and God's best for you, you are running the possibility of disgust, depression, and derailment.  

This can come in many forms and facets in your life. Let me explain.

 Today, I was re-reading a blog post by Domestic Fringe (our very own Tricia) on how to have a good blog. She posted this picture. I took it to heart. We so often compare ourselves. We compare our blogs, our writing, and our work, but we also tend to compare our bodies, diets, and fitness plans too. 

We must read and learn. We must learn to get better. So where is the problem, here? 

I have struggled with this on a small scale, looking to blog better, looking to be in better shape and all of a sudden not wanting to blog anymore, or workout anymore, thinking I will never atain. This is when learning transforms into comparing. (maybe we can say coveting) 

Comparing then leads to disgust with yourself. This will not help you atain your best.

This will then lead to depression, feeling bad about yourself.

And the last step is derailment. You are now out of commission.

 Let's  backtrack. 

It all stemmed from comparing yourself with someone who is not you nor what God would even intend for you to be. For example, I love Tricia's blog! I love learning from her experiences, but I will never be like Tricia. I mean just look at the facts, my thighs are bigger, and I am far shorter than she. These are just unchangable variables. Seriously, though, I won't ever write like she does, but that doesn't stop me from blogging. She may never like to exercise as I do, but does that mean she stops exercising?  

Silly? Right?

But, I am guilty.

I will however, compare myself with my best. I will push myself to be what God wants me to be. I will prayerfully ask God to give me strength to keep on this fitness journey.  Who's with me?

Here is a picture of me in 2010 about 8 pounds slimmer. I love this picture.

 Take a mental picture of a picture of yourself, pray, and then get working for your best!

Dani Joy

1 comment:

The Domestic Fringe said...

Love this post!

You're right, we won't ever be like each other or anyone else. God created us to be uniquely us and that's pretty awesome.

I just read something recently that talked about how we won't ever be 100% what God wants us to be until we get comfortable with who He made us to be. I'm sure the other person said it a thousand times better, but at the moment, I can't remember where I read it. We all have strengths, talents, gifts. We'll do/be the most when we get comfortable using our own talents, gifts, etc.

Anyway, didn't mean to leave a long comment. I'm still squatting, even though I don't love it. ;-)