Friday, November 22, 2013

PHASE 3 Crunching and Competing

Crunch it and Compete! It´s a great way to keep motivated on your fitness journey. It's not a diet. It's not a short fad. It's your life, and you want to be healthy. Why not have fun doing it? 

We are in our third phase of our Christmas Crunch fitness challenge, but this doesn´t mean you can´t join in now. We will be giving a prize out at the end of this phase too. If you pay the $5 sign up fee you can work toward a $10 gift certificate during this phase along with everyone else. 

It is our 3rd phase!!! We should be crunching it more, Ladies, not letting up. Those who have been at it from the beginning phase, are eligable for an over all prize! It´s a great way to motivate and encourage. 

We also have a facebook group. You DON´T have to be competing to participate. We post at least four times a week, encouraging each other, posting our goals, our workouts, our healthy eating plans, inspiration, and even humor! So please, come on and join in the fun! Fitness is fun, ladies, when we you do it together.

All the information you need is in the Point System on the side bar and the start up document on the facebook page. 

So, don't wait till the new year to get stared. We have a 30 day challenge that's just right for you! Come check it out. 

Crunching it, 

Dani Joy

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