Friday, October 30, 2009

Crunch In - Susan S. (day 3)

Hey all,

Again, started the day off well - spiritually and physically. Read my Bible, then did my exercise DVD of "Oxicise!" Good stuff. Works on the core muscles, but low or practically "no-impact". When I first tried to start out walking again awhile back, started to get shin-splints b/c of the extra weight, so went to this DVD. Good, basically conservative - the main lady Jill Johnson is in a modest leotard, but all the people with her - 2 ladies and 2 men are all in very modest and non-clingy work out clothes.

Just found out today from the Dr. that I probably have the beginnings of some type of arthritis. Have had problems w/ my joints recently and achiness in them - also my neck, and wrists - thought I had carpal tunnel last yr, but found out the problem was in my neck. Now it seems it may have been the start of arthritis. The blood tests also came back postive. Anyway, need to see a Rheumatic (sp?) Doctor to see for sure. Anyway, I am glad for the diagnosis and know that God allowed this for a reason. Also, I know that when I do my stretches and Oxicise workout regularly, it definitely seems to help. Obviously, losing more weight and watching my portion control, etc. will help any health problems too.

Everyone keep up the good work. Remember, God is good ALL the time - no matter our circumstances, or what the scale says today. May we strive to be more healthy vessels for Him.

Continuing on my health journey,

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