Friday, October 30, 2009

Crunching Is Working!

Happy Friday. everyone, although its already after 5 p.m. here...been busy today, so just now getting to posting. I was once again surprised when I weighed in this morning.

My weight has gone from 166.4 lbs. on kick-off day to 163.0 lbs. today. That seems like alot, so I was really surprised, but the real surprise came when I measured...I did not expect to drop 1/4" from my waist, hips and thighs...each exactly 1/4"! Is that water? Not sure...I've been doing my walking routine faithfully, so perhaps some fat is being moved out of my body along with the water...wouldn't that be nice!

I want to share my exercise routine with you. I know there are many ways to stay in shape, and I believe that most of them work if you work at it consistently, so I'm not trying to push this one, but I have purchased a variety of work-out DVD's, and I find this one to work for me for because its simple and easy to follow...I find that some of them are too fast, or have too many moves, that I just can't keep up. When I found Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds", I found that I could follow it easily and it didn't hurt any parts of my body...I can't do a lot of those moves without something hurting when I'm finished. The other benefit is that she has several levels on one DVD, so I can choose which one I want to do on any given day, depending on my energy level, time, and motivation...I will always do one, even if it's the shortest and easiest. The last two days, I did the 30 minute, but today, I did 50 minutes, which equals to 4 miles,and it went sooo fast!

I do like to walk outside and bicycle, especially in nice weather, but I work up more sweat doing one of these workouts, and Leslie also includes strength exercise....something I have to be careful of due to discs in my neck and back giving me some trouble. I feel that I've accomplished a very good workout without pain, strain, in a short amount of time, instead of using 2 hours a day to walk or bike. A 30 minute workout is equivalent to 2 1/2 miles of walking, which take me twice as long.

Hope you already have a good routine going, but if you're still looking for one, or if you just want a change, consider this one...she's also on Dr. Oz's website, with a full work-out video for you to check out.

God bless everyone...keep crunching!

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