Sunday, November 1, 2009

Auto pilot is BAAAAAAAAAD

I could also call this "Confessions from Catholic country"

Here in Bavaria it's about 80% Catholic, and in our village probably 95%. Normally confessional is Saturday evening (so you can take communion Sunday) but I didn't "sin" until this morning :o(

Last night wasn't very good either but being out at the festival my choices
were limited so I made the best of a bad job. This morning however........ well that's a different story. Having only got home at 4am I was on auto pilot at 8:30am when the alarm went off. Breakfast = milk, meds and chocolate. Yes that's right ladies I was doing a Bridget Jones on you all!!!

And I'd resisted the free Swiss pralines on offer last night only to consume standard stuff this morning. How stupid is that?!?!?

Anyway my exercise this week has been ok, I'm starting slow and building up.

Wed: 10 mins Bike 1/2 point
Thurs: 10 mins Bike 1/2 point
60 mins Pilates 3 points
Friday: 10 mins Bike 1/2 point
40 mins Swimming 2 points
Sat: 10 mins Bike 1/2 point
Walking Dancing ???? I'm going to add 3 points

Total 10 points for exercise this week :o)

I've created an exercise plan for myself which will increase each week, but I know sometimes my health won't allow it. However, I've decided not to get bent out of shape if I have to slow down or even stop for a day or 2. A little is better than nothing, I'm setting a goal but not being over ambitious.

Tip for the day - If you know you're going to have a late night / early start ( or both) pre-organise your breakfast.

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