Sunday, November 1, 2009

CRUNCH IN - 11/01, Nan

I did not do any exercising today, unless you count working in the nursery as exercise, lol! Today after church we were invited to a friend's house for lunch.

Sunday is going to be my day when I won't be as strict, so I had a couple of pieces of garlic bread and I must say I enjoyed them both!

Last night when I went to bed my stomach was growling. I don't think that's a bad thing either. I think our stomachs may have to shrink a bit if they are used to eating more, and I'm sure they will eventually adjust to normal portions.

Besides, if we eat the right foods then they should fill us up. The last time I was on a diet I remember thinking that I was eating more on a diet (and losing weight) than when I wasn't on a diet.

It's all about eating the right foods and eating healthy as opposed to eating things that will only fill you up for the moment, and then leave you starving later.

If I have oatmeal for breakfast, it stays in my stomach and makes me feel full for a long time. If I eat a croissant, I am hungry again within a couple of hours.

So here's to healthy eating!
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