Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crunch In-Kristy

Well, yesterday I was too discouraged to post. No change in the scale, and I felt that the inches were so minimal that I would just wait until next week. The Lord helped me tonight. After the kids went to bed, I did a 35 walk and jog by Leslie Sansome. I sure didn't want to do it, but she is almost like a friend that encourages you:) I'm really trying to work my arms every other day with small weights... that is where I have seen no inches lost. So, I got 5 minutes of arm weights to make a full 40min. I have also been really watching my portions, but not getting enough water during the busy day. Gonna work harder at that:)
Tomorrow should be really busy, so for those that are on here Friday morning... pray the Lord will help me drag myself out of bed at 6am.
I have not commented on each post, but am trying to catch up. You ladies are doing so good, and I'm so excited to hear of your progress!
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