Monday, November 9, 2009

Crunch In - Monday

Hello my Sisters. I just completed a 25+ minute workout with my new "Slim in 6" workout DVD set.

I did the "Start it Up" DVD. It was interesting. 1. It had a clock in the lower corner so you would always know how many minutes you had left in each exercise set. Just when I thought I couldn't keep it up, I could look to see that I only had a minute left. 2. The exercises were really low impact and doable.

I began to think that maybe it was too slow for me (ha). Well, I was WRONG. And guess what -- I WANT TO DO A PUSH UP. I mean a push up where my back is flat ... not doing the snake. ha. Do you know what I mean? My shoulders come up, then my stomach, then my hips. Oh dear. Anyway, IT WILL HAPPEN!

This DVD is very low impact -- no jumping around, but I was sweating. I know I was working some muscles! So far, I recommend this workout. We shall see what happens.

If you have time to read today and want to read what jealousy can do to people, click HERE.

Have a blessed Monday everyone!
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