Friday, November 27, 2009

Crunch In.... Post Thanksgiving - Sarah F.

Hey ladies. I hope you all had great Thanksgivings.

My family and I ate yesterday at 4:00. I ate a small breakfast, and even smaller lunch to try to prepare for what I was going to eat for the Thanksgiving dinner. Once we sat down to eat I tried to put more "healthier" things on my plate (is there really anything healthy about this type of eating???) I ate green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, minimal mashed potatoes and homemade noodles, and 1 bite of a dinner roll. Later on in the evening I had a very small peice of pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream.

Can I just say that NONE of it tasted very good to me! The pies (Pumpkin and pecan) have been sitting here all day and they don't even tempt me. I would rather have a good cup of coffee and a small peice of chocolate to hold my sweet tooth over!

I ended up runing 3 miles yesterday morning, and then again this afternoon. I plan I doing weight training on my arms this evening while watching TV with my wonderful husband. (I still have a 5 lb restriction - this was Week 3 of recovery out of 8).

TIP: Drink lots of water to flush out any extra salt you might have eaten for Thanksgiving. And Try to create healthy meals with your left overs. For example: Create a turkey pot pie with lots of veggies, low sodium broth, and whole wheat crust. You can also use left over turkey for sandwiches on whole wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoe, and Fat Free Mayo.

Sarah F.
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