Sunday, November 1, 2009

crunch in

It was a good Lord's day full of spiritual blessings from God's word.
I hope you all had a good day as well. The morning message was about
the young rich man as we are studying conversations Jesus had with
different people. In the afternoon (after lunch) we studied from
Romans 2 about the dangers of religious life versus a relationship
with God. Then we celebrated the Lord's supper.

Today I ate with the church people. I tried to eat more vegetables
than anything else, skipped the bread and the ice cream, but could
not pass on the chocolate chip "panetonne". For supper I had the
white of a boiled egg and a cut up peach with Kephir (sp?) (similar
to yogurt, but homemade and better for you). I did my 2nd day of
exercise with Jillian Michael's video.
Have a good night. I'd better go and get my beauty sleep and strength
for tomorrow.

I am trying to post from my email. See if it works. (:

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