Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dani´s Crunch In 16 - Crunching, Walking, Sleeping, Praying

We have a saying here in Spain...


It´s more of a sound really..

Sounds like this

"BOOOOFFFFF!" (it´s an exlamation)

¡BUF! Yesterday was a long day!  That´s an understatement.

We had Christmas program practice in our sister church which is in a city about 30 min away in car but, my Hubby was gone and I am still working on getting my Spanish driver´s license. WE spent the day on buses and trains. Fun in one way but tiring. Had to get up at 7:00 to catch the bus to get to the train to get to another train station to end up walking 20 min. to the Church. By the end of the day, We had to wait another half hour for a bus at  8:00 pm.  I got 4 walking crunching points, though, booking it to and from all those train stations. 

We got the boys hair cut, and even visted the other missionary friends in another nearby town. The wife is on bed rest for a high risk pregnancy. This was a very special visit, but we had to rush back to the train station to get back home at a decent hour. (I walked so fast my calves and heals are still a little tight today.)

Today, I made an awesome pork roast and ate so much!! I figured I desirved some ,good eating!! then had a little sugary treat. Spanish pastries are so good, but it was almost too sweet for me. Back on that wagon tomorrow and cruching with Jillian.

Please, please pray for missionary friends of ours, Sara and Josep Segurado, who are on deptuation. They just arrived in LA, California yesterday to be welcomed by having their van and storage trailer stolen while they were in the hotel! What a welcome!

The cops found the van and trailor, but much of their valuable items were stolen. Including all their passports and important documents!! Please keep them in your prayers. That was all they owned in this life.

I have a funeral to go to tomorrow. A neighbor´s husband passed away. It´s heavy on my heart tonight too. We have witenessed to them but he was so gruff and never wanted us to say anything about the Lord.

prayin´and crunchin´
Dani Joy
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