Thursday, November 12, 2009


Ok, here´s the scoop, I drank almost 3 liters of water yesterday, and late last night and this morning am suffering from a headache and yucky feelings. I believe this is due to toxins leaving my body but, I went to read some more on over drinking too much.

Now, the key is not to drink all that water all at once. Your kidneys can´t keep up. But, I drank all day long. So, I don´t believe I am having water intoxication. But, I do feel strange.

If you are drinking 2 liters a day, be sure to drink them gradually. If you go over that, drink it even more gradually. I don´t know if I will keep on drinking 3 liters or not. That was a lot of water.

I slept 2 more hours this morning and feel better. Still I am a little groggy more than anything.

So, drink your water but very gradually, ladies.

News flash about my video and the walking plank on your elbows.

To work up to this exercise, start doing them on your knees like with girly pushups. I think that´s how I started. I couldn´t do them normal for a few weeks.

Ok... guess that´s all. Please pray my headache totally goes away. I really did not anticipate this. I thought I had gotten all the toxins out already.

I am so touched by all your encouragement to one another! This Challenge has exceeded even my imagination!

Big Crunchin´hugs,
Dani Joy
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