Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A different salad

Ok, here you have another option to go with meat or eggs. It´s very easy to make.
Red peppers salad with onions.
-4 red bell pepper
-1 onion

Cook peppers in the oven until they are soft. (30-45 min). Take them out of the oven and peel them. Cut them in strips. Add the onion cut up in slices or chunks, however you like them.

And finally add salt, vinegar an olive oil to taste. As much as you like. Go little by little but don´t over do it. And if you do over do it, you won´t over do it next time. :-) I hope you like it. It´s very Spanish. It´s called "ensalada de pimientos rojos".

Keep eating healthy.

Ok, yes Dani, I forgot to talk about crunching. I did get 1 hour of walking today, all over town this time because my children were not at the park so I didn´t have to watch them. Plus I also added the piture I took of my pepper salad. :-)
Adios again.
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