Saturday, November 14, 2009

Excited Crunch In

I'm totally excited. I tried on a skirt tonight that was WAY too tight and it almost fits now. I mean I could actually wear it now, but I won't. I just prefer it to be a little looser, but this exercise is working for me. I was so motivated that I just did a 20 minute thigh toning video and I already did a 30 minute aerobic video this morning. I even lost more inches, but I'm not telling till Wednesday.

I begged my husband to go to the library and get me the thigh toning video back the other evening. I had already washed my face and changed my clothes and didn't feel like making myself presentable for the library people. He's so good to me. He went and took some heat for checking out the video. The other day he went back in for something else and the woman at the desk asked him how his thighs were doing. I'm very blessed to have a husband that loves me and my big thighs. ;-)

Happy weekend!
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