Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday - Crunch in

My plan for yesterday was to eat a few things, but just as we were thanking God for different blessings, the phone rang and I got to talk to a dear friend from the U.S.

I told my dh yesterday that I was going to follow Jillian Michael´s advice, "If you aren´t uncomfortable, you aren´t doing it right!" I was kidding of course (she is talking about exercise...not thanksgiving!) but he must have taken me seriously :) While on the phone, he kindly "served" my plate, so when I got to the table it was pretty loaded. Today is going to be a low-calorie, low-intake of food, and I got 20 min. of Jillian in this a.m. because we are out to the door to make a visit to one of our church ladies.

Saw a friend yesterday who told me, "you look smaller" and I said "yes - same weight - but not same size". She encouraged me and I encouraged her too! Have a good weekend and lots of crunching time.
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