Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gaunt and Obessed?????

I so needed to read your posts today!! Thank you for all your posts and encouragments!

Today didn´t go too well for me. All my food turned out, but it wasn´t enough. We had 15 people for dinner and we ate everything.  I spent over 4 hours in the kitchen last night. So to have someone tell me there wasn´t enough food just really hurt.

Well, on the bright side, I had my piece of pumpkin cheese cake and enjoyed every bite. Now back on the crunchin´wagon this evening ( this is a picture of my healthy cheesecake. Didn´t want to tempt you all.) I won´t even have a full free day. That Cheesecake fullfilled any cravings I may have had prior.

One more thing though,
I now have people telling me that I am too thin. which I know isn´t true, but it gets me thinking. Had someone tell me today that my face is getting gaunt. I still weight 131 lbs. what´s up with that? I weighed 117 in college and no one ever told me my face was gaunt!! Oh and I had someone tell me I was obsessed with my weight now. Why? Just because I want to be my best for the service of the Lord, my family and myself?

Ok.. there´s my vent. Have you had anyone tell you these things? I don´t feel obsessed. Just want to be healthy and want to reach my goal and stay there.  What do you all think? (except the water thing of course that was ridiculous.)

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