Saturday, November 28, 2009

I´m LAZY,Shopping, and Milkshakes Crunch 19

OHHHHHHH I am so lazy tonight!

I layed around and watched a movie with my family! Yikes! It wouldn´t have been so bad except for the extra cheese and no sugar added choc. treats I had with my tea.

I did get some walking in today as we went to Ikea. Do you all know how big that place is???

We walked and walked. I only counted one point though as it wasn´t fast pace walking.

And yes, I did it! I had a milkshake. After a only having a few sips of my boys milkshakes these past few times, I broke down and bought myself a berry shake. It was so good. Oh I don´t want to give you all crazings. I will just  say this, It´s so important to have a free day and then get right back on that wagon. Now, that I have reached my goal, I didn´t feel badly having that milkshake at all. Now I am back to having one or two sips of my boys for the next time.

Have a wonderful Lord´s day and if you can get a little bit of crunchin´in, it maybe be a good idea after the holiday eating.

Big Crunchin hugs

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