Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm really tired today...

Ok, we're a week into this, and it seems we should all be getting used to working out on a regular basis. I must admit, today I'm really tired. If it weren't for this challenge, and seeing the inches I've already lost, I would give myself a day off. But, this challenge is all about changing my lifestyle, and part of that is exercising even when I don't feel like it. So I did 50 minutes of my
Fitness Forte DVD. I don't think I'm even going to do 10 minutes on my elliptical today, I'll just save the 10 minutes for tomorrow.

Yesterday, I wrote about my 60 minutes of exercise. Well, at our house, we are in the middle of a huge remodeling project. We have been insulating the outside of our house, adding metal siding, and a new roof. In about 2 months our house has been transformed from this to this:

They aren't quite done yet, but soon they will be. Anyway, I thought about myself and knowing I will be transformed from what I am now, to (hopefully) someone that looks and feels better, with more energy to serve the Lord and my family. But that brings me back to my afternoon activities. We have outside wiring that needs to be put into tracking and outdoor motion sensor lights that need to be changed. Yesterday was beautiful, and we had snow forecasted. So my DH needed to work on the rewiring and putting the electric lines into the tracks. So I ended up doing a job my DH usually does - Cleaning up the yard before winter. We had a bunch of leaves that needed to be cleaned up, but even better than that, we have 2 dogs who fill the yard with things other than leaves. So I spent an hour, with a heavy shovel and a hoe, filling the shovel, carrying it to the back fence, and throwing it over the 7 foot fence to compost on the back hill. When I was done I was tired, and decided that I was going to count my hour of work on my exercise time. Was I walking, moving around, getting my heart rate up, carrying weights, and using my muscles? YES, I was, so I got in 2 hours of exercise yesterday (1 with my morning workout, and 1 with my yard work). Good thing too, as a cold front came during the night, and it is now snowing.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll get off my seat and shovel the driveway when this snow lets up...and I'll count that as exercise time too...

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