Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mary Week 2 measurements

I can't believe we're at 2 weeks...I would like to have had a couple more days before posting my weight and measurements, but no such luck!

I'm still doing okay and not complaining, because I am slowly losing inches, but the scale is fluctuating to the point I'm not sure how much I'm really losing. I know I've lost a firm 5 pounds, so I guess that's still good for a two week period.

One thing I added back into my diet this week is tea and honey. Its really a weakness for me...I just love my cup of tea in the morning, again in the afternoon, and sometimes in early evening. I know the tea is sort of okay, but its that dratted honey...its sugar, plain and simple. Even though honey is healthy, it doesn't aid in weight loss. Still, I'm losing even with drinking it, so I just have to make that wise choice and give it up til Christmas...pray for me!

I already posted that I went from a tight 14 to a comfortable 12, so that is a big achievement for means I can wear more of my clothes!

Weight 161 lbs....I was at 159.4 lbs. three days ago! Hmmmmmm

Hips 42 3/4 in.
waist 23 3/4 in.
thigh 24 in.(no change...this is my trouble spot!)
bust 37 3/4 in.
chest 35 3/4 in.
calf 23 in.

Little improvement, but still improvement! Really need to flatten the tummy more than anything else. I had my husband take the pictures, but I wasn't liking any of themmy tummy looking so huge, so I told him to take another, and another...finally he told me that no matter how many pictures he takes, its still there! Wow, that hurt! So here it is.

Thanks to you for being there to encourage me...I hope I am doing the same for you. I know the big weight losses really spur us on, but the small baby steps give us hope, too, so whatever you are doing, keep it up, and in time, you will realize your dream of good health and a lean body!

God bless!

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