Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Crunch in

My weekend was a non-exercise one, and the eating just barely under control. I had good moments where the right choices were made, but was afraid to step on the scale this a.m. Thankfully, it was only up a half-pound.

My goal for this week is to up my 20 min. exercise to 30, which I did this morning. My dh husband is now vaccuming the livingroom, and says he is "sucking up all the fat that melted off" this morning. He is trying to encourage me :) but he liked that I was actually sweating. Now to keep this up all week.

I´ve read several posts that mention the same thing: the scale is not moving, and just want to encourage us all to keep crunching, because there are good things happening on the inside (heart muscle stronger, muscles toning, lymph stuff moving and carrying away more toxins, etc., etc) that we can´t see, but that are a big PLUS for our overall health. Healthy crunching this week. Joy
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