Sunday, November 8, 2009

My struggle up the drive ...

Good morning Sisters. This is the day the Lord has made! I pray everyone has an awesome Sunday.

As I mentioned in my last post, here is the video I made while working out in the mountains. I apologize for the quality of the sound. It was cold and windy out and I thought I was talking much louder than I was. Oops. But you will get the idea of what I was doing to get exercise.

My tips: I found several creative ways of increasing my heart rate while on vacation (without workout DVDs, exercise machines, etc ...).

  • I used our stairs. I went up and down them repeatedly and I could definitely feel it in my thighs/hamstrings.
  • I also used the stairs for push-ups AND then turned around and worked the back of my arms by lifting myself with my arms behind me (in a seated position).
  • I walked outside and got my heart rate up much quicker than here at home since nothing is flat up in the mountains.
I don't have stairs here at home, but for those who do -- they can really be used to your advantage.

Enjoy worshiping the Lord today!

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