Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tip for today - changing your favorite recipe

I have a tip for today and it is about recipes that include a meat, vegetable and pasta. For example: Chicken Alfredo. When my dh was post heart-attack, and I was searching for recipes to help him, I experimented with this.
The normal ingredients (at least the recipe I have) are:
I began to reduce the amount of chicken, as I INCREASED the amount of broccoli(and cook it a short time to retain the nutrients). Also began to reduce the amount of pasta till it was gone.Yes, Chicken Alfredo with no pasta. If I decide to add some, it is always a fraction of what it used to be. The sauce I lightend up by using lower calorie substitutes and making less. This has now become one of our favorites and the calorie content is way down and the flavor, which is what gives us the "comfort", is still pretty intact, and it is good for us! Joy
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