Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tip Maribel pancakes to order

A while back I mentioned that I would give you ideas for healthy
pancakes. Well, Ketty's post reminded me that I had not done it. Here
it goes: I have played around with my regular recipe. I substitute
milk for Kephir (fermented), I have substituted white flour for whole
wheat (you can do part of it). But this is not all. This summer,
while we were in the USA, an old friend of my husband (used to be his
teacher) invited us over for breakfast. He made "pancakes to order".
Since then, our Saturday morning pancake routine has become a fun
tradition. We have made corn pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes,
banana nut pancakes, and my favourite--apple cinnamon and walnut
pancakes. You just pour the batter on the griddle and add your
ingredients while it is soft and before you flip the pancake. I eat
mine without syrup. Our kids love the chocolate chips ones, and David
and I go for the more healthy ones. If I have extra batter, I make
mini size pancakes with chocolate chips--they look like chocolate
chip cookies and taste great :). This week we tried it with waffles.
It is better to pour some batter, ingredients, and then some more
batter so when you close it it does not burn the "toppings". Well,
try some of these hints and see what you like.
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