Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 2 Measurements - Tami

Good morning to my fellow crunchers! I have been working hard these past 2 weeks, and I know you have been too. I did my Full Circuit DVD for 50 minutes, and did 10 minutes of the new exercises Dani Joy has shown us - Super Mans, Plank Walk, and that new cruncher leg and arm lift one, as well as some other abdominal toning exercises.

Here are some updated pics of me from this morning. The first one is before my exercise routine, in my work out clothes, with no make up on. The second one is after I showered, and fixed my hair and makeup. I'm not sure if any changes are visible yet to anyone else, but I can notice a difference. In my second picture, I am wearing the skirt I wore on Sunday that I can now fit into again! Ok, now for the measurements you have all been waiting for.

Start Week 2
Bust 36.5 35.5
Chest 31 30.5
Waist 31 28
Hips 41 40
R thigh 23 22.5
L thigh 24 23
R arm 11.5 11
L arm 12 11.5

weight 57.5 55.5

My weight has stayed the same this week, but I have lost 4 inches all together this week. Total lost so far since we started: 2 kg (4.4 lb) and 8 inches. Measurements are in inches and weight is in kg.

Keep on crunching!


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