Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"whaddya mean no snacks"
Hello ladies, I am crunching in very early today as we leave soon for Madrid. Hope to get in my video workout and start packing! Also need to find my air mattress or I will be sleeping on the floor! Getting my plan of attack going...sippie bottle, and fruit, and salads to go. We will be finishing up work on our apartment so we can get it on the market to sell. It is a fifteen minute walk to McD's, 2 BKs, KFC, Dunkin D's, Pizza Hut, Hagen daz, PLUS all the great SPANISH pastry shops in between. AND I will be doing my Thanksgiving/Christmas baking supplies shopping at the Taste of America store. I think I had a dream last night about a marshmallow pillow! Let's just say my dream this time will be to keep crunchin' and not be tempted to sneak a marshmallow from the bag! Thanks for praying! Anita 11-10
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