Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WK 4 - Double Crunch - Sarah F.

Can I just say that I'm thankful that Dani Joy has done this challenge. It's been awesome for me to read up on what you all are doing - even though I can only do half of what I'm normally doing for workouts. You all are awesome!

Since I've been on my fitness journey I maybe take measurements once every 2-3 months. The last time I took them was 3 weeks ago (the day before my surgery on November 3rd). So needless to say I expected there to me no change. Well, there was!

*I am only posting the measurements that changed. Eveything else is exactly the same.

Chest went from 32 3/4 to 32 1/4
Left Arm went from 10 3/4 to 10 1/2
Left Leg went from 22 3/4 to 22 1/2
Right Leg went from 23 1/4 to 23
And around my butt went from 39 to 38 1/2

As you can see my trouble zones are my thighs and butt! I seem to lose it so much faster on my face and breast :)

I do think that I'm losing some muscle. Prior to my surgery I was doing tons of pull ups and 50-60 pushups 3 times a week. Along with a ton of squats and lunges. By hey, the scale is going down, I still see definition on my body, and I'm losing inches... what more can I ask for!

As for the rest of these pictures... This is for Dani! We have both recently been told that our faces are "sunken in" and that we have lost our breast!

I dont' know about you guys, but I've never in my life had to wear a push up bra. Just recently I now own 3 and I'm loving them. And yes, it's hanging on my pull up bar!

I have to say that I have lost a lot in my breast though. I've gone from being a DD to being a small C.

* TIP: Try to eat slowly, and never let your body get too hungry or else you overeat all together. If you eat slowly it allows your brain to catch up to what you're doing to it. It doesn't register that your stomach is full until minutes later, so take your time. If you allow yourself to get too hungry you tend to overeat. This is why I love to "graze" all day. Pick healthy choices to graze on until you sit down for the major meal!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Sarah F.

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