Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cold and Crunchy

This morning we had snow again, and worked for 30 minutes to clear it. It was light and fluffy, but about 4 inches. We went in to take our showers, and get ready to go shopping. My son came and asked me if we shoveled, and I told him, "Yes, can't you tell?" We both looked out the window and the snow was covering the driveway again. So we went and shopped. Snow was everywhere on the roads, and the wind was blowing it all around. We saw several accidents, and I was very happy to get home again. I changed into my snow gear and went back outside to clear the snow for the second time today. This time the snow was much heavier. I do think I'm getting stronger as I could throw the snow over the 5 foot pile, all the way to the fence. Then the wind started really blowing, and half of it was blowing back in my face!

I just looked out the window and the driveway is covered again. Guess I know what I will be doing in the morning! We are having a cold front come in tonight. The temps are supposed to drop to -25, now that's cold.

I measured today, and not very much happened this week. Weight is still the same 54.5. I did see 54 a few times this week, and even 53.5 once, but this morning was 54.5 again, so I am not counting any loss yet. Here were the only changes for this week:
12/2 12/9
Right thigh 22 21.5
Left thigh 22.5 22

I gained a few points today with my healthy eating:

breakfast cream of wheat
lunch solyanka (Russian soup with tomato base and pickles, black olives, and potatoes)
mid afternoon snack mandarin
supper lasagna with veggies from my garden and fat free ricotta cheese, green beans, and tomato slices
snack apple

That's about it for today. I've been really busy today, and tomorrow will be even busier. We leave for our trip early Friday morning.

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