Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crunch in the 17th

Another great "exercising day" thanks to a headache. I´ll explain.

The funny thing is that I got a job just for the rest of the month in the mornings at a sports store but the bad thing is that I think I want one of each thing there. The store is pretty big and I was alone so I was holding weights and was ableto walk while working for a long time.
Ok, in the afternoon I was getting a headache so I took a pill full of caffeine and had too much energy, so I kept walking in the afternoon at a pretty good speed. Alltogether I walked 1 hour and a half.

Then I got home and work with Jillian for 40 min. So, I wonder how many points I´m getting today if I have to double them.

I really hope I can sleep well tonight.

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