Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday - barely Crunching

Well, this is my fourth day of sick, and although I praise the Lord the fever is down, now the sinus infection is causing all the fun side effects which have me carrying the kleenex in one hand & the the lip and nose balm in the other :) I was able to only do 20 min. with Jillian again this a.m. - for some reason, I had less strength than I´ve had all week, but I´m not worried...BECAUSE...this a.m. I weighted and the scale said (after several checks!)

69.4!!!!!!!!!!! Can´t even remember when was the last year I saw those digits. Won´t count them for a point until next Wednesday´s measure in.

One of the side effects when I get sick is that I always loose weight. So being sick is always bitter sweet...yuk for the pain and feeling miserable, yeah for loosing weight! I´m thanking the Lord again for the crunch because I believe I´ve been able to fight off this virus better, because I´m exercising. No antibiotics; just natural remedies (trying the apple juice with Apple cider vinager that I think Tami reccommended.

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