Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Measuments 16th

Ok, only one more week to go, buffffffff, Ican´t wait to eat all of those pies and go back to to my old weight. Noooooooo, just kidding, I am going to try to control my sweet tooth, specially now that I know it will make me sick after no sugar for so long.

Anyway, here are my numbers:

Bust 39.5. in. same
Chest 32. in same
Waist 34 in. same
Hips 39 in. same
R thigh 20.5 in 20 in.
L thigh 20.5 in. 20 in.
R arm 11 in. same
L arm 11 in. same

Weight 147.5lbs. 145.2 lbs (66 kg.)

Ok, I was very surprised to see the scale this morning, I didn´t think I had los anything this week after all that eating. Plus, I didn´t lose hardly anything in inches, just one. But let´s see how can I maintain that weight for the holydays.

Saludos and have a great day. Will be posting about exercise tonight. :-)
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