Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday after the weekend

This past weekend was a long weekend here and we went to Peñíscola to
a family retreat. David preached a nice series of studies on James 1
that were a blessing. We had good fellowship, food, and even
opportunities to exercise. I actually got to go walking everyday for
at least one hour, and fast pace too! So even though I did not post,
I do get the exercise points.
I just saw the new stuff that Dani Joy prepared for us. I hope to
have more health foods than junk. Tomorrow I have some food event at
school, but then not until next Tuesday. This Friday we celebrate
Daniel's birthday. I want to see how well I do in self control. I'll
have some healthy options, since I'm the one planning the menu :-)
Have a good week.
Crunch in
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