Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday - Crunch in

Today is another spanish holiday...the day they celebrate the inmaculate conception of Mary (yes, not Jesus´, but hers!)
I was only able to crunch for 20 min. with Jillian but with more energy, so that is good. I still can´t breathe very well, so have begun taking my natural "allergy" drops to see if I can improve in that area.
Yesterday was not a good day as I felt yukky all day...like the virus was coming back again. My immune system has never been quite right since the cancer years ago, so I´m still holding back on pushing myself back to 40 min. because there is a very thin balance I have to keep. "Slow but sure" like the race of the turtle and the tortoise, I´ll recover. I´m not complaining, just thankful that I haven´t had to have the usual antibiotics, which cause a load of other side effects I´d have to deal with.



P.S. Dani, I like the points incentive for this next week! : )
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