Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome, Ladies!


I´m Dani Joy your moderator and biggest cheerleader. You can read my testimony and personal fitness journey here.  (click here)

You made it this far! You are now part of a great fitness support team. The more you put into it, the more you will receive out of it.

Please, take time to browse around the blog and get familiar with it. Take time to look at what we did in the last challenges, read some testimonies and get pumped up! 

Please, post your testimonies Tuesday at the earliest, but feel free to use the chat widget anytime, and post whenever you want. (only one will count a week though)

I will have your tickers up and running by Wednesday. Any questions don´t hesitate to write me at

Let´s Sweat off that fat, ladies!

Sweatin´with ya,
Dani Joy

PS. Don´t forget to label your posts, please.

All posts must be labeled with:
Your Name - ex. Dani Joy
SOF- stands for Sweatin´off the Fat (of course)
Then if you are writing a Journal post label it - Sweatin´Jounal
If It´s a Tip - Label it the appropriate tip. Recipe, diet tip, fitness tip, video, inspirational, or humor.

The Lables are all under Show all. Please only use the labels that are there. Thank You.
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