Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dani Joy´s Springy Journal #3 - It´s not Dropping!

I ran out last night (literally) to buy new scales, but these new ones say the same!!! tee hee. Maybe it´s because I bought them at a Dollar store! They look just like this picture. Yes, that´s it!

Well, guess, I better get a little more serious about cutting out something. My body doesn´t want to release anymore weight and I know it can. I was at 127 during the last challenge.

I am changing my new goal weight to be the same as Sarah F´s because, I am realizing my muscle weighs too. =O and I don´t want to lose muscle. So my new goal weight is 125. Now you would think I could lose 5 lbs. after losing 35 right? It is seeming very hard.

I swam this week more than I ever have. 

Thursday - BootCamp video 35 min; 25 min core workout on Trouble Zones
Friday - swim 35 min, 20 laps ; jogging 25 min  
Saturday- swim 50 min (playtime with my boys plus 15 laps)15min. jogging
Monday - swim 40 min.  20 full laps
Tuesday- swim 45 min. 25 full laps! ( a record for me!)
Wednesday-  20 min jogging 15 core workout to my own music (supper fun!) 5 min stretching

I know I am burning calories, but I think I am munching on too much at night. Almonds, raisins and Sf chocolate! ;) Gonna cut back and see if that helps.

I have been drinking a slimming tea... it has green tea, cherry rooibos, and guarana. It is so yummy! Don´t notice any difference though. hehe

ok for the new measures.

Week 1                  Week 2
131 lbs                      130lbs
Bust - 32"                  same
Chest - 30"                 29"

Waist - 30"                 29"

Hips - 37 1/2 "          same

Thighs - each 22"      same

Arms - each 10 1/2"     10"  all that swimming!   

Total loss = 3 inches or 6 pts!

Don´t forget to post all your great tips this week! It´s the week to do it. 

 Unlimited tips. Say all you want! Go for it! There´s no criticizing here! Just be sure to use the labels that we already have. ONE POINT FOR EACH.

Label them one of these catagories below, your name and SSFC (this is just so when we are finished I can catagorize all of our posts under this challenge. Makes it easier for me later.)
  • Fitness tips,
  • Diet tips, Recipes,
  • Humor (fitness or diet related),
  • Videos (appropriate please) and
  • Inspirational
Love you, Ladies! Springing in Shape with you all has really been so great so far! Keep challenging yourselves and me!

Dani Joy
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