Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Double Springy Post

Well, I've been pretty busy this week entertaining company, but here is what I have managed to accomplish.

Thurs 2/11/10 Yeah! I got in my full exercise routine today, during the day. I did my Fitness Forte DVD for 45 minutes.

Friday 2/12/10 I was exercising just great today, when my routine got interrupted at 35 minutes. I wasn’t able to get back to it, so my time was short.

Saturday 2/13/10 I decided to try Sarah’s tip to change the routine a little bit and lift weights to some good music. I listened to a Steve Petit CD. His music doesn’t have a strong beat, but it is easy to hear the timing anyway. I love his songs, many of them are like prayers to the Lord, so I enjoyed a time of prayer while I lifted weights and did toning exercises for 15 minutes. Then the kids went outside to play, and I went out too to shovel the snow. I got another hour of exercise doing the snow shoveling.

Sunday 2/14/10 I took Valentine’s Day off from exercise. It was also my “off diet” day. We all enjoyed the Mocha Cheesecake that I made. Yum! Is all that I can say about that. Fortunately it all got eaten, so I don’t have to worry about it calling my name from the fridge. I had a bad headache all afternoon and evening, and ended up taking a nap in the afternoon. That's why I ended up not exercising. I can't exercise when my head really hurts.

Monday 2/15/10 Yeah! I got in another full routine today with Step Up to Fitness DVD for 45 minutes.

My Tuesday isn't quite done yet, so I'm hoping to get some exercising done after I post this update.

I measured again today, and although there is progress, it isn't much. I'm hoping that is because I'm almost at my goal. Besides some weight changes, I hadn't seen any measurement changes since my measuring on Jan 27th. So here are those measurements compared with today's.

1/27/10 2/16/10
Bust 33.5 33.5
Chest 29 28.5
Waist 27 27
Hips 38 37.5
R thigh 21 21
L thigh 21.5 21.5
R arm 10.5 10.5
L arm 11 11

Weight 53.5 52

Grand total losses: Chest -1/2 " Hips -1/2 " Weight - 1 kg. (that is since the last posting. I did lose 1/2 kilo that I posted already 2 weeks ago.) I have 1 kg more to lose to meet my goal.

It's been a little tricky getting exercise in when my guests aren't here, and doing all the necessary hostess things, but I've managed to do it almost every day.

Springing with all of you,

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