Friday, February 5, 2010

Recipe - supper

Since my dh is away, I have made it a goal to lighten up my suppers and have a plate of vegetables - a mix of one of two veggies max. Last night was steamed fresh green beans and 1 small potato seasoned with "Herbamare" which is a mix of spices and sea salt that is great for seasoning. I buy it in Spain, but have seen it in the US as well. (A little pricey - but a little goes a long way) It was simple to prepare, delicious and satisfying.
Why the emphasis on the supper? Vegetables are easy to digest and lower in calories. Our nurse friends can confirm this, but I sense that digestion at night is slower, so eating "light" at night, and eating vegetables at night, makes for a good night´s sleep and gives you a good start the next morning - like a feeling of clean : ) This should help to have a good balance between what we are eating and our exercise time. And I´m really looking to send the message to my body that I´d like the scale to begin going DOWN!!!
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