Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Skinny Cow

This is going to final tip for awhile because honestly I don't really have a whole lot of tips that aren't things that I'm sure we all know.

When you are striving to eat right and cut out those sugars and unhealthy foods sometimes you just crave some thing sweet, right? I know I do. I recently discovered a solution to that. Yes, if you follow my advice you are going to end up eating something with sugar, but I think it totally kicks the craving and allows you to go forward without feeling like you are being depraved.

My solution is: Skinny Cow IceCream (in my case Ice Cream sandwiches, though I think they have a whole line of things). Skinny Cow Ice cream is made with skim milk, so it's not as fattening or full of calories as normal ice cream or chocolate.

For one ice cream sandwich it is only 140 calories (and they are big!). They also taste pretty much like normal full of fat ice cream sandwiches. I realize that not all of you are going to be able to even find Skinny Cow ice cream where you are at, since you are all over the world, but thought I'd share anyway.

And for those of you all over the world that can't just go to the store and buy Skinny Cow ice cream brand, you can always do what I believe Sarah F suggested and allow yourself a bite or two of something you crave. It's better to take a little bit of something you crave and get rid of the craving than it is to get to the point where you just binge on foods you haven't had anyway. Because that is what this fitness journey is all about, changing your eating habits so that you can control what you eat and be healthy doing it!
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