Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Journal, Food Choices (5th day)

Today was my chocolate day, I need it it , my body was really craving it, but at least it was that dark kind you put in the microwave to get softer.It was a strange day today.

It´s Sunday it´s supposed to be my free day, and it was, I wasn´t that good at choosing good choices today.

Breakfast: whole wheat toast with SF jello and a coffee.

2nd breakfast (like the hobbits) Dh decided to bring churros and I made thick chocolate for the kids. I haven´t had them for a looooooong time, so I couldn´t pass today, the excuse was I had a beautiful baby boy 13 years ago, it was in his honor :-) In case you don´t know what chocolate with churros are, here is a pic:

Lunch: Grilled chicken and corn.

Afternoon snack; straberries and bananas dipped in dark chocolate, and fresh pineapple.

I was so full after my afternoon snack I decided not to have supper. But dh and dd came to the rescue again because they made chocholate chip cookies and the smell was just grabbing me, so I had a very small cookie.

So, how many points I need to take out today????? Maybe I will just not count any for good food choices.

Well, at least I got a 45 min, walk. I know tomorrow my food choices will go back to normal.


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