Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Final Springy Journal - Vicki

Hooray! We made it! I am so happy with my results and glad for the motivation and accountability this blog provided for me. I noticed last week when I was exercising that my t-shirt no longer bunched up over my hips, but now hangs straight down. :) I didn't get to exercise as regularly as I wanted - what with small kids, ministry responsibilities, and having colds two different weeks. But overall I am glad with my progress, and motivated to keep at my final goal. I even managed to lose one more pound than I had set for my goal! Also, when I measured tonight my arms were smaller. They are getting more toned since I have been using 2kg weights while doing step aerobics.

End results:
weight lost: 11lbs.
centimeters lost: 7 centimeters
hours of excercise: 45+
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