Thursday, March 25, 2010

First things First - SJ 11 and tip

This saying is not my own , but is inspired by my favorite quarterback in the NFL, Kurt Warner, who btw just retired and now I have to pick a new favorite team.  Check out his charity/ministry HERE.

It´s so important for us to evaluate our lives and keep a good balance before the Lord. He wants us to put Him as our priority and "all these things shall be added unto you."  Keeping First things First.

How easy it is to get out of wack. I am out of wack with my schedule in the morning, but I think it´s because I need a break and a fresh start. So, we are re-evaluating, and getting ready for a break. Spring Break here I come!

Exercise and fitness have taught me some great values to discipline and organization. They are now becoming my hobby, but as well, I know I need them. I believe that the Lord has helped me get control of this area in my life to help me to stay balanced, focused and to encourage others. It has proved that I can be disciplined with God´s strength.

So I am going to give a tip and then take my own advice, and keep my priorites straight!

oh, also all my measurements are the same. My waist is firmer though! 

Keep Springing it, ladies! 
Dani Joy

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