Thursday, March 18, 2010

Really Spring?? Really Springing??? DJ- SP-10

It´s been getting warmer here finally. Could it be really spring?

Well, I am really springing it even if spring isn´t coming yet. We have to keep springing it for life!

 No turning back, ladies!

I was going to measure yesterday but didn´t. Mainly because I have been measuring my waist right along to see if the Shred is doing anything. I have seen a change in firming but not enough to mark it down as a loss in inches. It´s ok though because I know that I feel better and that the skin and pooch are getting tighter!! jeje

My weight stays the same too. This really is a good thing now for me. No fluctuations.

I just had a skinny friend pass down her "used" clothes to me. she was tired of them. Oh wow! A new wardrobe! and I didn´t have to say .. "oh, I don´t think they will fit me." What a great feeling. She is in her 50´s by the way and super fit! She looks like she is 30 something! Seriously! So, I have inherrited her nice namebrand clothes. wooo hooo!!!

I will see you in video! Hope you all are thinking how you will capture your workout on video. I would love to see you!

Springing it with ya,
Dani Joy
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