Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Train or Not to Train...That is the Question!

Former Fat Lady Nina here...coming to you live and fired up!!!

I've just not had the time to be here and encourage you like I should have been and I'm sorry for that....but after taking a few minutes to read over some of the latest posts...I'M the one who's encouraged!!

Please over looking my drying laundry and the very old and baggy college sweatshirt...yikes!

I've been busy doing Jillian's Shred. Today is day 23 for me and I'm loving the difference!

I'm not big on measuring (and weighing even) so I don't know the exact results....but what matters to me more than numbers are how my body feels, how it looks in the mirror, how my clothes fit and how folks are noticing some differences in me!

I'm at my lowest weight since high school. I'm stronger now than I was in high school. My endurance is increasing....and along with that is my self confidence!


I'm trying hard to convince myself to 'officially' train for a 5K.....I don't make my mind up easily, but when I do...that's that....it's done....it's all over but the crying!

So...we'll see the outcome of this debate....(but I'm leaning towards going for it!)

ouch...these hurt!

Sooooo..with that all said, I'm still plugging along. I have about 10 pounds left to loose....but I'm not dreading it. It's going to be fun!

Hope you are all doing well.....praying for you....

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