Friday, April 2, 2010

Walking, walking, walking : )

Just wanted to share that even though our Springy time is over, I think I beat my walking record today. We went with out church ladies on a walk (while the men played soccer with the boys) and we walked and walked and walked in a huge park near our church. It didn´t seem like too much, but I logged it on "dailymile" and it was almost 4 kms.
From there we rode to our camp property which had been robbed and we worked there for about an hour cleaning things, as well as doing inventory on the losses. Sadly most of what we lost was out of our kitchen, but no one was hurt and God is still in control.
When we got home my daughter Sandy and I had talked of going downtown Madrid to video tape a procession (today is holy Friday). I had been to one at the age of 13 that left a huge impression on my heart for the need here in Spain. We left the house at 6 and got home at 10:30 p.m. We can´t log this on "daily mile" because we were on and off the subway (loads of stairs) but we figure (and our aching feet are witnesses) that we did another 3 to 4 kms. Sandy was all happy for me and said, "Mom, you are really going to rack up the points today". I informed her that our Springy time is all over, but that I´d share with you that I walked a lot, and was able to do so without getting tired because I´m in better shape.
Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday celebrating our LIVING Saviour.
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