Wednesday, May 19, 2010

05/19/2010 Journal

Ok, I started a week ago and I just noticed I didn´t post my measurements last week. That´s good, because I don´t understand why, after exercising way more that I had been last 2 months, my weight is up by 900 grams, so I hope it doesn´t keep going up but it goes the other way.

I will go back to my last post and add my measurements so I can compare later, even though I have them on paper.

Date- 05/19/2010
Weight: 141,9 lbs (+ 2 lbs)

Bust: 37,5 inc. (-0.5 inch)

Chest: 32.5 inch (+ 1 inch)

Waist: 31 inch (- 0.5 inch)

Hips: 37.5 inch (same)

Right Thigh: 20 inch.. (Same)

Left Thigh: 20 inch. (same)

Right Arm: 10 inch. (+0.5 inc)

Left Arm: 10 inch. (smae

Total cm/in. lost.
(- 1 inch)

So, friends, keep sweeting and exercising. The weather is getting very hot here in sunny South of Spain, so I hope this will encourage me to dring more water.


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