Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dani Joy´s Sweatin´Journal 1 and Starter Tips

Hi ya! Are we sweating yet? Well, I know I will be tonight. I have a 2 mile run planned if it stops raining. There I said it. Now I have to do it. ;)

Here are some of my exercise goals to give you all an idea how to plan or to give some ideas and motivation. Please remember if you are just starting physical activity start out with only 15-20 min. a day and work up 5-10 min.more a week. Do not over do it the first week.

Monday- Cardio/abs - run or Jillian Michael´s Metabolism boost dvd with ab workout. (40-50 min depending on how much time I have between classes)

Tuesday- Strength training - Jillian Michael´s No more Trouble Zones. (40-50 min) with a protien drink (low carb no sugar)

Wednesday- Jogging/walking/abs (as much time as I can between classes and church 40 min)

Thursday- Strength training- No more Trouble Zones dvd

Friday- Swim (40-50 min) max 30 laps 1500 meters about 1 mile. I don´t get to do this every time though. It´s my goal.

Saturday- Swim/bike/or Dvd (50-60 min.)

Sunday- Day of rest usually or a light walk. or I do a dvd with ab work because I took a free day wednesday.

I have been working up to this for about a year and a half. So this is what I have to do inorder to not gain weight and eat fairly normal. I still don´t eat a lot of sugar or white flour, but with doing this much exercise I can have some things on occasion. I normally take a free day to eat whatever I want as well. This is so I don´t feel deprived.

Ladies, inorder to lose weight you must burn more than you consume. It´s just mathmatics. You must get your metabolism working. I lied to myself thinking I was doing enough back a few years ago, but now I know how much I must move inorder to stay fit and healthy. It´s not a compulsion it´s truth. My body gains weight when Í don´t move. Fact.

If you don´t know why you are gaining or not losing I highly suggest keeping a food journal with everything that goes into your mouth. You will be surprised at how much you are truly eating. I know I was. Go HERE for a good food journal to print and a food test to see if you need more protiens or carbs or a balance of both.

ok here is how we do this. We measure and write our goals. ;) if you don´t want to put your measurements on the blog, that´s ok. Just put how much you think you want to lose.  Please remember, though, it is a private blog. It´s for your own personal use.

Here are my measurements. I have been at this for a year and a half. It has been rewarding and I can tell you if you make a decision for life it will make a difference.

                                                                           May 12, 2010
Started Aug.´09     SSFC        Finish                   SOFC Start
    Lbs:    138           131             127                         125
   Bust:     35"           32"              same                       32"
 Chest:     31"           30"               29"                        29"
  waist:     32"           30"               29"                        29"
   Hips:     40"           37.5"            36.5"                     36.5"
Thighs:     24"           22"              21.8"                     21.5
 Arms:     11"           10.5"           10"                         10"

I have lost a total of 20 inches all over since last August. But, that´s not when I started my fitness journey. I wish I had started measuring from the beginning in January 09. I have lost a total now of 38 lbs.

My weight goals -  Stay at these measurements. To stay healthy and fit.

So ladies, It does work! We just have to be disciplined just like in every area of our lives.

I will leave you with 3 steps:

3.Practice with patience the race that is set before us.

If you miss a day don´t beat yourself up, just get right back at it. It´s the same with our Spiritual walk too. It all applies.

praying for you, and sweating it with you,
Dani Joy
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